UK Untracked Royal Mail Shipping Updates – Large Letters & Packets

Following recent changes within Royal Mail and the way we are being billed for UK untracked shipping, we have rolled out an update to our Garment Catalogue which now shows the “Shipping”- which defines whether single items in an order will be shipped as a “Large Letter” or “Packet” with Royal Mail.

Large Letters must fit into a package measuring no greater than 35.3cm Length x 25cm Width x 2.5cm Height. The most notable updates extend to (but are not limited to) all Adult Long Sleeve garments and Men’s T-Shirts (sizes 3XL, 4XL and 5XL) which have been updated from Large Letters to Packets. For these items we have experimented with different packaging solutions, but unfortunately most still measure a height of more than 2.5cm once packaged.

For all updates on specific garments please check the Garment Catalogue and check the page for the latest shipping type. Please note multi-part orders won’t be affected by this change.


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