Importing your Shopify orders into DTGUK

Once you have installed our App, your orders are automatically imported into our system, got a backlog of orders you want us to process? You can manually import previous orders either one by one or based on a date range, click “import” on the Orders page or go direct Here.

Orders in DTGUK are given a range of statuses to help you determine what you need to do:

  • Product requires Attention – This status means that we need more information about one or more of the products in the order.
  • For more information about artwork Mapping and shipping information click HERE

  • Ready to Submit – This status shows that all the product mapping is done, it’s waiting for you to submit the order into product.
  • In Production – Orders in production are moving through our Pick / Print / Pack process and will soon be shipped, there’s nothing for you to do at this point.
  • Complete – Once shipped the order moves to the status “Complete” and we will mark the order a shipped automatically via the Shopify App, if you have selected a tracked method of shipping we will also update with this information.

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