How are DTG Garments printed? [Video]

Similar to screen printing we load your garment onto a pallet for printing, however Direct-To-Garment is completely digital so we have no limits to the colours we print, (and more importantly no additional fees or costs related to the number of colours in your design!)

Example of a typical DTG print:

A typical DTG print onto a dark T-Shirt is made up of 3 layers:

  1. Pre-treatment – Our printers spray a pre-treatment liquid onto the garment, this helps bind the Ink to the garment for wash fastness similar to what people are used to with screen printing.
  2. White ink layer – The printer will first print a layer of white ink onto the top of the pre treatment, this creates a solid base of white ink blocking out the colour of your garment ready for the colour layer. For best results most garments will require a second layer of white ink.
  3. Colour Layer – The colour layer is then printed directly onto the white layer, with 6 colours (CMYK + Green + Red) meaning we can print almost anything you want!

Once printed, our T-shirts are cured in a gas powered conveyor dryer for 7 and a half minutes, during the curing process the pre-treatment spray evaporates from the shirt leaving just the printed ink ready for shipping.

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