What print areas can I choose on my products?

We offer a range of print areas on our garments, often the print areas available depend on the physically limitations of the garments.

Our most popular print areas for T-Shirts are visualised below, they are left and right chest (Pocket prints), Full front and Full Back:

Unisex T-shirt Print areas

On a unisex T-shirt our MAX print area is 40X50CM, however for some smaller sizes (XS / S) this may not be possible and the artwork will be adjusted to fit.

For Hoodies the rear printable area is much larger than the front due to the Pocket on the front, we are unable to print on or near to pockets and so must adjust the artwork to fit. The front print location is 26x32cm do to the print pallet we use.

DTG print areas Unisex Hoodie

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