How to prepare your artwork in Photoshop

1. Transparency

First remove any background colour that you don’t want printed or would like to remain transparent. You can either delete the layer or turn off its visibility in the layers panel.

2. Trim

Next trim your design so that there are no transparent pixels surrounding your design.

Image > Trim



3. Size and Resolution

Check your image is sized at your required print size and that the resolution is at 300 dpi.

Image > Image Size



4. Alignment

In the example (left) the guides show the desired center point of the artwork. If the center of your artwork is offset from the center of the artboard then you should add padding (shown in pink) to create equal space either side. You can do this using the crop tool to expand the artboard size.



5. Save as PNG

Save your artwork as a PNG.

To save as a PNG you will need to change the colour mode to RGB. Our printers will then convert these back to CMYK.

Image > Mode

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