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As standard all of our garments are shipped in recycled polymailers, they are plain in colour and quite inconspicuous, however if you really want to wow your customers from the moment the receive your package then we are happy to discuss your customer packaging. We don’t supply custom packaging so will require you to do so.

Generally, if you want us to use your own custom polymailers there is no charge, however if you want us to use boxes or other things then there may be costs involved due to the extra weight and time involved with using them.

If supplying your own mailing bags it’s important to get the sizing right, we require different size bags for each different products:

Single T-Shirts: Max size 250 x 350 mm
Hoodies and Multiple T-Shirts : At least 305 x 405 mm

If we don’t have the smaller size packaging then there is a charge of at least £1.50 per order as it costs more with Royal mail.

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