Swing / Hang tagging

30p Per Garment
One of the most cost effective branding options for clothing, hang tags can be bought in small quantities ready for us to add on demand to your garments.

There are thousands of different choices when it comes to swing tags and it really can be customised to fit your brand value exactly. If you are aiming for the eco-friendly market then Brown Kraft tags are perfect, or for a touch of luxury add metallic foils.

We don’t manufacture swing tags ourselves but have worked extensively with a UK supplier called Handytagsfor many years, their fast turnaround, high-quality tags and infinite options means they are perfect for most of our customers, you can order direct from them and get the tags delivered to us, and what’s better is that they have given us an exclusive code for our customers:

Get the swing tags delivered to us and we charge just 30p+VAT per garment to attach the tags

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