What print areas can I choose on my products?

We offer a range of print areas on our garments, often the print areas available depend on the physically limitations of the garments. Our most popular print areas for T-Shirts are visualised below, they are left and right chest (Pocket prints), Full front and Full Back: On a unisex T-shirt […]

How to prepare your artwork in Photoshop

1. Transparency First remove any background colour that you don’t want printed or would like to remain transparent. You can either delete the layer or turn off its visibility in the layers panel. 2. Trim Next trim your design so that there are no transparent pixels surrounding your design. Image […]

How do I save a PNG from illustrator?

If you are working from an Illustrator file, while it is possible to export as a PNG from Illustrator, we do not recommend exporting the artwork from illustrator. It is best to export the artwork as a Photoshop document first and then saving it as a PNG from Photoshop. To […]

Marking orders as shipped

If you are using one of our API based integrations then we will automatically mark the order as shipped once it is dispatched from here*, we will also upload any tracking numbers and information automatically. If you are using one of our more manual methods to upload orders we can […]

How long does delivery take?

The time it takes to deliver your order really depends on where your customer is and what delivery method you choose. UK –  The most cost effective shipping method for UK customers is Royal Mail, you can choose between 24 and 48 hour delivery, we also have a range of […]

How soon will my customer receive their order?

Typically we work on a 2-3 working day dispatch time depending on the product and how quickly we can get it from our supplier. Some of the items in our catalogue are kept in stock (these are marked with a green “In Stock“, but others items are currently on a […]

What is the maximum print size i can use?

Our printers have two main pallet sizes (print areas): For most adult garments the maximum print area is 40cm (Width) x 50cm (Height) For most child garments the maximum print area is 27cm (Width) x 33cm (Height) However, the actual max print area is dictated largely by the individual garment […]

Importing your Shopify orders into DTGUK

Once you have installed our App, your orders are automatically imported into our system, got a backlog of orders you want us to process? You can manually import previous orders either one by one or based on a date range, click “import” on the Orders page or go direct Here. […]

Importing and syncing products from Shopify to DTGUK

Getting your Shopify products into our production system is as simple as the click of a button: Head over to your “Brand” management page and you can turn on the Product imports by selecting the product import button, once selected we will sync you products hourly with all of your product […]