Order inserts (Stickers / Leaflets etc)

30p per order Take advantage of our order insert service to add items in with your orders, pre-printed leaflets, stickers etc are perfect fillers to put in with your orders, we just charge 30p per order to put them in with your products. Generally, our order insert service is limited […]

Custom packaging

From: £ Free As standard all of our garments are shipped in recycled polymailers, they are plain in colour and quite inconspicuous, however if you really want to wow your customers from the moment the receive your package then we are happy to discuss your customer packaging. We don’t supply […]

Swing / Hang tagging

30p Per Garment One of the most cost effective branding options for clothing, hang tags can be bought in small quantities ready for us to add on demand to your garments. There are thousands of different choices when it comes to swing tags and it really can be customised to […]

On Demand Branding Options

Building a brand is more than just selling T-shirts, we offer a range of services that can convert a basic T-shirt into a fully re-branded garment. Our services include: Swing Tagging Custom Packaging Order inserts (Stickers / Leaflets etc) Neck Label printing Custom packing slips

Do I need to setup my SKUs in a set format?

No! Some suppliers require all of your products to be setup in a set format so that their systems can read them, when designing our system we quickly realised that this just made everything more complicated for everyone, our systems don’t require SKUs to be setup in anyway in particular

Can I supply my own garments?

For our Print on Demand service to be efficient it requires that all of the products we use are setup in our production systems, because of this we can only allow customers to provide their own garments in certain situations. If the garment is available from one of our trusted […]

Artwork Mapping

One of the key aspects of your products is the artwork, in order for us to print your products we need to know which artwork to use on each garment, and then also which artwork to use on each of your colours. To manage your products visit https://print.dtguk.com/manage Clicking a […]

Paying for your Orders

For ease when submitting orders daily we use a credit based system for all of our payments. You can either pay as you go on a per order basis or load up your account with credit which we will automatically charge when you submit orders into production. Order refunds In […]